Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the burgeoning cycling scene you will want to make the most of your preparation.  You may be one of the new wave of riders participating in the increasingly popular and competitive Sportives. You may want to improve your RR competitiveness or achieve a better TT personal best time - whichever, you can significantly improve your potential wiith the support of a coach to help plan your season, set your objectives, structure your training and to advise on everything from event selection to bike fit and kit.


I am a British Cycling Level 3 accredited Road and Time Trial coach, Level 2 Track coach and BC RR team manager with many years of coaching experience of individuals and groups of riders of all ages and levels.  I started racing over 40 years ago and have acquired a vast amount of experience in the techniques and tactics that will work to deliver the outcomes you are seeking. 

"Maximising your potential

in cycling competition"

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